Tire Repair and Maintenance Services in Amherst, NY

Get New/Used Tires, Tire Plugs, Tire Rotations and Other Tire Repairs at Our Mechanic Shop in Amherst, NY

Tire Repair

At Amherst Car Care Center, we have experienced tire techs that can provide the right tire at the right price. Utilizing the most modern tire and balance machines, our certified techs will inspect your tires, perform a tire repair, or replace them entirely. We offer many tire brands and are able to source out any desired tire you may want.

We offer free tire inspections to ensure that they are in proper working order so that you can avoid a flat tire or blowout, and check for leaks or irregular wear.

Rotating your tires helps to ensure proper tire wear, and may prolong the life of your tires. We recommend a tire rotation every 6000