NYS Car Inspections in Amherst, Buffalo & Cheektowaga, NY

NYS Car Inspections

You will need a NYS inspection every 12 months or when you transfer ownership of your vehicle, come to Amherst Car Care Center for your next NYS inspection. Please call us for information on what you will need, and we would be glad to make an appointment for you. An inspection usually takes less than half an hour, and if more convenient, we do take walk-ins!

There are two types of NYS inspections, a Safety only inspection for the cost of $10 dollars, which is for cars and light trucks less than 2 years old, or more than 25 years old. Some of the items checked in the safety inspection are brakes, tires, lighting, steering and front end, glass, wipers, horn and fuel leaks.

A safety/emission inspection is needed for cars 2 years to 24 years old, and in addition to the safety check, an emission test is performed by testing the OBDII, or check engine light. The cost of this inspection is $21.