Auto Repair & Mechanic Shop Near Cheektowaga, NY

If there’s one thing just about every person needs, it’s a car mechanic shop they can rely on. No matter how good of care you take of your car, you’re going to need maintenance, service, or repair work done at some point. You’re going to want to go with an auto repair mechanic you can trust.

If you’re in need of an auto repair shop in Cheektowaga, New York, you can rely on Amherst Car Care to get the job done well. We offer a variety of services, detailed below.

Auto Repair Mechanic with Wrench Fixing A Car in Cheektowaga, NY

Cheektowaga Oil Change, Lube and Filter Changing Service

Mechanic doing an oil change service in Cheektowaga,NY

No matter what kind of vehicle you drive, it’s important to have your oil changed regularly. Our oil change service includes both a 23-point inspection and setting your tire pressure to the proper level. It’s also wise to have your filters changed every once in a while. These are meant to stop debris and dust from the air and impurities in fuel. If they’re not replaced often enough, they’ll cease to be effective, which could lead to greater engine trouble. LEARN MORE

Brake Pad and Rotors Replacement Services

Mechanic replacing brake pads and rotors in Cheektowaga, NY

Very few parts of your car are as important in keeping you safe as brakes so you’ll want to be sure they’re functioning exactly as they should. At Amherst Car Care Center, we provide a free brake inspection. If they’re in need of service, we have top-quality brake pads and new rotors that can be installed by technicians with many years of experience. LEARN MORE

Cheektowaga Exhaust and Muffler Repairs

Muffler Repair near Cheektowaga, NY

Your vehicle’s exhaust system is nothing to take lightly. The system expels exhaust fumes out of your engine through the muffler, allowing it to run smoothly. If you’ve noticed your vehicle becoming louder, there’s likely an issue with your muffler and you should take it to a car repair shop. If it’s not repaired quickly, you run the risk of carbon monoxide leaking into your cabin. Instead, take your car to our auto repair shop for a free exhaust inspection. If there’s an issue, we can offer you muffler repair or replacement. LEARN MORE

Other Auto Repair and Maintenance Services Offered